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a. This is a business relation between the client and trainer/ company owner – Glen Burchard for the purpose of the        Quickfit 36 fitness program.

b. The following terms and conditions are to be complied to by both the trainer – Glen Burchard and the client during the full duration of the fitness program.



a. The subject of the Quickfit 36 fitness program is individual advice, coaching and support for the client in relation to health, nutrition and physical exercise.

b. The trainer offers his client a concept that is optimally tailored to his/her needs. The content of the coaching program includes various elements and covers various subjects to do with Health and Fitness.

c. The concept takes into account the respective needs and physical abilities of the client.

d. The trainer guarantees the client individual advice and coaching for the duration of the program and also guarantees (to the client) the agreed upon goals as agreed upon during the consultation. This guarantee is only valid if the client proves that they have applied themselves to a minimum of 95% of the pograms content and the trainer’s advice.



a. The length of the individual training sessions between the trainer and the client are between 30 – 60 minutes, dependent on the session itself. Group training session lengths vary and are clearly stated on the weekly group training plan (provided by the trainer at the start of the group training scheme).

b. The client will receive a complete weekly plan for each of the 3 phases of the program. This weekly plan gives clear instructions of all physical activities and training sessions to be completed by the client on each day.

c. The client acknowledges that it is his/her own responsibilty to carry out the tasks and take part in the sessions as recommended by the trainer in order to achieve his/her goals, failure to do so will simply lead to the client not achieving his/her desired goals – and for this the trainer will accept no responsibility.

d. All live training sessions will take place online and any advice given will be either via, whatsapp messages, direct email to the client or through the trainer’s software platforms on either “MyPTHub”, facebook or Zoom.

e. The client acknowledges that the purpose of the program is to guarantee them success for their individual goals on the program and that the set price for the program is not based on the number of live sessions it contains. The trainer has an open-end policy for live sessions, however the client is entitled to and expected to attend at least 30 live 1-to-1 sessions throughout the 6 month program. The strategic break down of these 30 sessions will be explained to the client in the strategy webinar during the onboarding process in week 1 of the program. If necessary, extra sessions may be appointed by the trainer at no extra cost.

f. Session cancellaion – The client can cancel or re-schedule an individual live session upto 24 hours before the session begin. Failure to do so means the session will simply expire and fall out of the program (no fees will be applied).

g. Illness or injury – If the client is sick or injured at any point of the 3-month program they must inform the trainer immediately without him needing to ask. This applies for the time during as well as the time outside of training sessions for the complete duration of the program. The trainer will then make a recommendation to the client according to his/her complaints and the client’s involvement on the program for the period of illness or injury. For periods of serious illness or injury that are life changing or cause the client to become bed-ridden, a pause to the program will be made and the sessions within that period will be added to the end of the program and confirmed on a separate break confirmation form where clear details of the break will be stated including the dates that the break will start and finish.

h. If the trainer is ill or injured at any point during the program and can not continue for the duration of the program, the client will be refunded the cost of the remaining time on the program. For smaller breaks due to illness and injury, the trainer will simply put a pause on the program for that period until he is able to conduct the program further, any lost sessions will be added onto the end of the program and further confirmed on the break confirmation form.

i. Public holidays – No live training sessions will take place on national public holidays. This applies to both individual and group sessions alike. From the 23.12 until the 02.02 the trainer will be conducting no live sessions. The client will however be given clear instructions to bridge over this period to avoid losing progress and will still be able to contact the trainer through any form of messenger (listed above).



a. The full price of the program varies according to the goals and requirements of the individual client.

b. The invoice is to be paid in accordance with the instructions given on the invoice. If the client chooses to pay in installments on the 6- or 12-month payment plan, they must the installments within 14 days of the due date (as stated on the invoice). Therefore it is recommended that the client sets up an automated monthly bank transfer (standing order).

c. Payment can be made using the following methods: Bank transfer or automated GoCardless transfer system (this is agreed upon by both parties).



a. Should there be any change in the client’s ability to partake further on the program due to illness or injury with proof from a doctor then the trainer will cancel the program for the client and a cut-off point will be made for further payments. If payment has already been made prior to the incident, then the full outstanding amount will be refunded to the client according to the cut-off date and calculated backwards from the programs end date. Please note: illness or injury without proof from a doctor will not be validated as a reason to cancel the program.

b. Vacation, business trips or lengthy trips and excursions do not warrant cancellation of the program.

c. The trainer reserves the right to cancel any client’s contract at any time without without due cause. In the event that the trainer cancels the program the client will receive a refund with a cut-off point at the time of the cancellation and calculated back from the end of the program.

d. The client has the right to cancel this agreement upto 14 days after signing up for the program without the need to provide a valid reason. The client will then only be charged for the time they have been on the program, plus €100 sign-up and registration fees. The sign-up date can be found on the invoice under "date of invoice" which is sent via email on the day the client signs-up.



a. Before the start of the training program, there is a consultation between the trainer and the client. The content and goals of the program are agreed upon during this discussion. During the consultation the client informs the trainer about his/her health and physical limitations. A separate online questionaire (PAR-Q form) will serve as proof of this exchange of information. This questionaire is to be filled-in as the first step of the onboarding process at the start of the program.

b. The trainer has appropriate public liability insurance, details of which will be given if requested.

c. The trainer is generally not liable for injury to the client while on the program unless there is a blatant neglect of care on behalf of the trainer causing injury to the client after the client informs the trainer of discomfort or pain while performing any physical movement on the program according to the trainers’ instructions.

d. The trainer is not liable for any damage caused by the client’s overestimation of him/herself. If the client does not follow the instructions of the trainer and suffers any injury as a result, the liability of the trainer is excluded. This applies to both individual and group training sessions.

c. The trainer does not accept any responsibilty in relationship to bodily reactions due to food allergies or intolerances for food items recommended by the trainer during the program. It is the Client’s own responsibilty to consume foods fit for his/her own consumption. Meal plans issued by the trainer during and after the training program are meant as guidelines only and should therefore be treated as such.

d. Glen Burchard Fitness does not accept any responsibility over the safety or subsequent injuries due to the equipment provided to the client. Should any injury arise from the direct use of equipment (faulty or not), this should be taken up with the manufacturer of the equipment in question by the client (or user) of the equipment in question and not with the trainer/ Glen Burchard Fitness.

e. Should any equipment provided by Glen Burchard Fitness become faulty within the time of the program, the trainer should be informed immediately.



a. All personal data of the client will be held under strict privacy conditions by the trainer and will only be used for the purpose of the personal training program and taxation.

b. The client acknowledges that if they join the group training sessions, their name and profile will be displayed for others to see on the video platform used.

c. The client will be coached through the MyPTHub coaching software and live session are done through either facebook or Zoom. The privacy policys for MyPTHub, Zoom and facebook are seperate to that of Glen Burchard Fitness and can be viewed on their website under:, and under “privacy policy”. Glen Burchard Fitness does not accept responsibilty for any discrepencies or misuse of private information on behalf of MyPTHub, facebook or Zoom or any other applications used on the program.

d. The details of my data protection policy can be found on my website at and can be provided upon request.


 : All terms and conditions of this agrrement are in accordance with the law of the Federal Republic of Germany as of 2022. Should any discrepences arise due to any of the terms and conditions on this agreement, the client is advised to seek legal advice from their local law authorities.




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